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APA Style Guide: Journal Articles

A guide to help with the APA Citation Style.

Citing Journal Articles

Basic Format

AuthorLastName, FirstInitial. (Year). Title of article. Title of Journal, Volume(Issue), Pages.

Retrieved from URL

Note: The Journal Title, Volume, & Issue are italicized. Only the first word of the Article Title is capitalized. Every line after the first line should be

indented. If available, use the DOI instead of the URL. The two examples below show how to cite without a DOI and with a DOI.


Crosby, O., & Moncarz, R. (2006). The 2004-14 job outlook for college graduates. Occupational Outlook

Quarterly, 50(3), 42-57. Retrieved from



Morici, G. Gruttad'Auria, C., Baiamonte, P., Mazzuca, E., Castrogiovanni, A., & Bonsignore, M. (2016).

Endurance training: Is it bad for you?. Breathe, 12(2), 141-148. doi:10.1183/20734735.007016 

What is a DOI and when should I use it?

A DOI is a unique alphanumeric string that provides a persistent link to content online. In APA style, try to include a DOI for every reference if possible.

What if I am not sure whether my article has a DOI or whether I need to include a DOI in my citation?

Usually if the journal uses a DOI, it will be found within the citation information provided by the journal. Here is an example of what a DOI looks like: 10.5817/BSE2017-2-7. More recent articles are much more likely to have a DOI. Still not sure? Take a look at CrossRef, a service which allows you to look up an article's DOI, or view the flow chart showing when to use a DOI below:


adapted from Limestone College - A.J. Eastwood Library Citation Guide, USC Upstate Library APA Style Guide, and the American Psychological Association.