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New Hours Starting Sunday, September 13th (FALL 2020):

Sunday:  5:00pm - 9:00pm

Monday - Thursday:  8:00am - 9:00pm

Friday:  8:00am - 2:00pm

*Hours vary during summer session, school breaks and exams.  Please call or follow us on  for updates!


Have a Question?

Call Us:  864-587-4208

Email Us:   

Use our "Have a Question or Comment?" Form


*Off campus access:  to access the Library's online Databases you'll be prompted to enter your SMC username and password.  This is the same username and password you use to access SMC email or to login to computers at SMC.  For the username, you only need to enter the first part of the email address (example:  smithjd15).



Finding Books

How do I find out what books are in the library?  To find a book, eBook, DVD or other library material, search the SMC Library Catalog

Keep searches SIMPLE--use one to three important words, NOT a sentence
Decide whether you are searching for:
  • Random words = Keyword search
  • A topic = Subject Search
  • An Author = Author Search (lastname, firstname)
  • Words in the title = Title Search

For each item included in the Search Results, the catalog displays the availability, the call number and the physical location within the library.

EBooks retrieved by your search will have a link within the item record that will take you directly to the full-text of the eBook. For off campus access, see the OFF CAMPUS ACCESS tab.  


How do I figure out where a book or DVD is on the shelf?  A call number is used to identify the exact location of an item on the shelf.  

  • Items with call number beginning with A-Z are located in the general circulating collection on the 2nd floor.
  • New books, reference book, DVDs, and popular fiction are located on the main floor of the library.

You may also want to browse these general call number areas on the 2nd floor of the library:

D1-2027  History (General)

DA1-995  History of Great Britain

DAW1001-1051  History of Central Europe

DB1-3150  History of Austria.  Liechtenstein.  Hungary.  Czechoslovakia

DC1-947  History of France

DD1-(905)  History of Germany

DE1-100  History of the Greco-Roman world

DF10-951  History of Greece

DG11-999  History of Italy

DH1-925  History of Low Countries.  Benelux Countries

DJ1-(500)  History of Netherlands (Holland)

DJK1-77  History of Eastern Europe (General)

DK1-949.5  History of Russia.  Soviet Union.  Former Soviet Republics

DL1-1180  History of Northern Europe.  Scandinavia

DP1-402  History of Spain

DQ1-851  History of Switzerland

DR1-2285  History of Balkan Peninsula

DS1-937  History of Asia

DT1-3415  History of Africa

DU1-950  History of Oceania (South Seas)

DX101-301  History of Romanies

E11-143  America

F1-975  United States local history

For a more specific outline of call number areas, click here.


Purchase Requests

Want to recommend a resource for the library collection? 

To recommend titles for purchase please send an email to Lori Hetrick at

PASCAL Delivers

Search the collections of college and university libraries across the state! SMC students, faculty, and staff may request books from other SC college and university libraries and have them delivered within a few business days.  You can request up to 50 books at a time with a checkout period of 6 weeks.  You will need to enter your library ID/barcode number (for students this is your student ID, for faculty/staff this is your phone number) to request books.  If you do not know your library barcode number, please contact the library.  PASCAL Delivers also offers the following services: 

  • Pick Up Anywhere:  choose to have your items sent to another participating library if that is more convenient for you.  For example, are you a distance education student that lives closer to College of Charleston?  No problem! Request your items through PASCAL Delivers and just select College of Charleston as your pick up location.
  • Visiting Patron:  You can also go in-person to visit another PASCAL Delivers library and check out the book yourself using the Visiting Patron service. Note that Visiting Patron checkouts have different limits; in-person patrons are limited to three items and the checkout period for these items is three weeks with one additional three week renewal allowed. You will need to present a picture ID and know your student ID number. 

Interlibrary Loan

Need something that is not available in our library or in PASCAL?  Try interlibrary Loan (ILL).