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APA Style Guide: Home

A guide to help with the APA Citation Style.

Introduction - APA Style Guide

This style guide will show you how to cite in APA style using a variety of sources which include: books, journal articles, other electronic resources, videos, and face-to-face interviews. A separate section also focuses on proper formatting for in-text citations. Additionally, if you are looking for an excellent example of a fully formatted research paper in APA style, please view a copy of the PDF below.

For a brief video that covers (1) Citing a journal article in APA or (2) Formatting a list of references at the end of your paper, see the embedded video or the linked video below:

APA Format for Student Papers

I. Paper Format:

  • Use double spacing throughout the document.
  • Include the page number in the upper left-hand corner. Do not include the author's last name beside the page number.
  • Include a title page and reference list, when applicable.

What not to include:

  • Unlike in previous editions of the APA manual, student papers do not usually include a running head (header) or abstract.

II. Title Page:

Most student papers include a separate title page, although some instructors allow students to include the title page information on the same page as the first paragraph of the paper.

  • On the title page, include the title in boldface and center it three or for lines down from the top of the document.
    • The title should be descriptive of the content of the paper. Avoid titles like "Essay 1."
    • Include the subtitle after a colon, when applicable. 
    • Example title: The Psychology of Pandemic Fatigue: A Study of College Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • On a new line, include the author's name (centered, normal font).
  • On a new line, include the name of the author's school (centered, normal font).
  • On a new line, include the course name and number (centered, normal font).
    • Example: PS 101
  • On a new line, include the instructor's name (centered, normal font).
  • On a new line, include the due date (centered, normal font).
    • Use the "American" format for the date: Example: March 17, 2021

III. Reference List:

On a new page, include your reference list, which is your bibliography. 

  • Label the list References (bold font and centered).
  • Each reference must be set to "hanging indent" and double spaced.
    • In Microsoft Word, go to Paragraph>Special>Hanging.

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