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Endangered Species


BIOLOGY 205 Project

You will research an endangered species, prepare an annotated bibliography, and give a 5-minute oral report to educate the class about your topic. 


Your project must contain a minimum of five sources, with at least one source in each of the following categories:

  • A book or ebook
  • A periodical (i.e. newspaper, magazine) You can find articles through the InfoTrac or  Discus databases available on the SMC library website.
  • A current scientific research article (in the last 3 yrs).  Again, you can find journal articles through InfoTrac or Discus.
  • A credible website


  • Clear organization and correct grammar.  I strongly encourage you to visit the writing center. 
  • MLA format
  • Focus on why the species is endangered and conservation efforts.  Do not simply describe the endangered species.