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Religious Pilgrimages

Explore Your Pilgrimage

   It's Time to Start Exploring Your Pilgrimage!

Use the databases below to get background information about your pilgrimage.   Look for keywords that will help you form different searches to use when you begin searching the databases and catalog. 

For example: In Credo Reference,try searching "Bodh Gaya"in the search box.  In the results that you retrieve, look for background information about your Pilgrimage.  Once you have found the information you need, search for other keywords that might help you broaden your search.   In this example, you could find keywords to help such as Buddhism, India, or Buddhist Pilgrimage.  

Next, try searching "Western Wall and Pilgrimage".  Notice that the Western Wall is also known as the Wailing Wall.  This would be a keyword that will help in your searches.