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Religious Pilgrimages

Getting Started

     Your professor has given you an assignment to do a research paper about a religious pilgrimage. Below are some questions to consider before you begin your research.

  • What is the background of the pilgrimage?   What was the basis of the pilgrimage?
  • What happens on the pilgrimage?  Are there certain customs or rituals associated with the pilgrimage?
  • What happens after the Pilgrimage? Do the pilgrims receive any benefits for completing the pilgrimage?  For example,do they receive  forgiveness of sins or enter a new phase of the religion?
  • Were there any issues that affected the pilgrimage?  Did they come across cultural or political obstacles that made the journey difficult to complete?  

How Can the Library Help You?                                                           

The Library has an extensive collection of resources both in the library and online that can help you with your research. Although the web might seem easy, the library's resources are more reliable and  are the best place to go to get more in-depth analysis of your research.  This guide will show you how to get books, ebooks, journal articles, magazine articles, newspaper articles, etc  on your pilgrimage.  Lets get started!